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[Google Playstore] Deep Space: First Contact

eingestellt am 5. Mai 2020

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In Deep Space: First Contact, you will have the role of a security guard at a space station. You find yourself working like every day in the security zone, when suddenly you hear an explosion... A breach in the laboratory!
Explore the carefully designed station, with stunning graphics and great detail, tour the rooms and laboratories, activate the main generator, open the hangar doors and find the ship!
But beware! You must avoid the Alien who has escaped!

Deep Space: First Contact has:

~ Stunning graphics
~ Surround music
~ Carefully designed map
~ Progressive difficulty
~ 3D Sound

The story is available in the following languages:

~ English
~ Spanish

In the next updates, the most popular languages among our players will be added

Deep Space from Infinity Devs, an Indie game made with passion.
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