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[Google Playstore] Demon's Rise 2
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[Google Playstore] Demon's Rise 2

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You are no hero … no prancing knight or scholarly wizard

but a champion of the dark gods. As their chosen, you have command of

legions of barbarians, beastmen and demons. Wield unholy strength,

necromancy and hellfire to bring ruin to the civilized realms. Honor

your gods on the bloody fields of battle in a quest for power and


Demon’s Rise 2 is a turn-based, tactical RPG set in a

brutal and unforgiving fantasy world. Taking place amidst a horrific war

in the cold north, the campaign will see your party fight innumerable

enemies, huge monsters and powerful sorcerers. Victory will require the

tactical use of terrain, morale, formations and magic. Build an

increasingly powerful war band, command demonic allies, and crush those

that stand against you.

• Tactical Choices: Use terrain effects,

cover and line of sight to gain an edge over your enemies. Employ spells

to hinder powerful enemies, area effect damage to clear the field of

lesser foes and buffs to strengthen your allies.

• Build Your

Party: Choose from 19 diverse character classes to build your war band.

Your warriors will improve with every victory, becoming stronger and

unlocking new powers and skills. Acts of courage and savagery on the

battlefield will bring favor from your gods, which can mean the

difference between glory and defeat.

• Collect Gear: Equip your

warriors with powerful weapons, arcane objects, runic armor and

legendary artifacts. There are thousands of items to find and collect,

each with their own stat effects and background lore.

• Campaign:

Fight through a lengthy campaign and numerous side quests that span

more than 80 hours of play time. No level caps and the ability to replay

levels at a harder difficulty add to the longevity.

• Engaging

Lore: Immerse yourself in the history of Tarren, the world of Demon’s

Rise. A land of broken empires and shattered kingdoms where armies of

humans, demons and other races fight for bitter survival.
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