[Google Playstore] Dinoboom Puzzles (Kinderpuzzle)

[Google Playstore] Dinoboom Puzzles (Kinderpuzzle)

eingestellt am 13. Jan
Zur Zeit gibt es das Spiel "Dinoboom Puzzles" gratis. Der normale Preis liegt bei 0,99€. Mit über 10K Downloads liegt die durchschnittliche Bewertung bei 4,2. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App Käufe vorhanden.

Dinoboom Puzzles is an educational game mainly for kids from 3 to 6 years old but is suitable for all ages.

Our game introduces your kid to the exciting world of dinosaurs. It is cheerful and colorful themed game, that is designed to inspire further education and creativity.

The game flow is straightforward: drag 'n' drop puzzle pieces to gather a dinosaur in order to learn its name. The full version of the game consists of 20 levels of various difficulty and 4 surprise bonus levels. Your kid will learn names of dinosaurs like Velociraptor, T.Rex, Brontosaurus, etc.
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