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[Google Playstore] iJuggle Pro: The Improved Juggling Experience
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[Google Playstore] iJuggle Pro: The Improved Juggling Experience

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[Google Playstore] iJuggle Pro: The Improved Juggling Experience
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Ever wondered about how it would feel like to Juggle with Plates, Sticks or even Bombs?
That's what it's all about!

Start from easy & light objects and work your way to the top. The game becomes gradually harder, but also more fun.
Pro tip: Don't give up after your first try. Trial and error are necessary to master the game, just like in real life Juggling. So keep on trying!
Oh, and did I tell you about the chairs falling you have to avoid?

What's the Highscore you can achieve? Share it with your friends and start competing for the best one!

iJuggle Pro features a variety of polished 3d models, optimized for mobile gaming and is designed with all kinds of smartphones in mind. In short, beautiful graphics and effects are delivered, without critically compromising performance.

So what are you waiting for? Download iJuggle Pro Today!


Summary of Juggling Game Features:

- A lot of Challenging stages to play through
- Impossible to finish the game (or is it?)
- Colorful, beautiful, optimized, addictive
- No ads
- No in-Apps
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