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[Google Playstore] Influence Puzzle
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[Google Playstore] Influence Puzzle

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[Google Playstore] Influence Puzzle
eingestellt am 21. Okt 2020

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There are a lot of negative aspects of social media.

I have tried to show this in this minimalistic puzzle.

This game has 40 levels currently. I will add more levels soon.

You just have to do one thing.
- TAP to rotate all the arrows in the up direction.
- No ads.

Can you complete all 40 levels of this Influence puzzle?

**This is not an easy puzzle game that can be complete in a day or two. This game will take time.
**This is not a great puzzle game. This is just a simple puzzle game with a single mechanics that makes the game a little unique and difficult.

If you want the solution of the starting puzzles you can download the beta app. Currently working on better flow.
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