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[Google Playstore] Learn Mandarin - HSK 5 Hero
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[Google Playstore] Learn Mandarin - HSK 5 Hero

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*** Used by countless Chinese language learners worldwide, Learn Mandarin - HSK 5 Hero is the most effective Chinese word and character learning app!

The Hero Method allows you to quickly master Chinese characters by enforcing a recall and recognition process, essential for long-term memory.

Hero HSK 5 covers 1300 words in the Chinese language, which are based on the Chinese level 5 proficiency exam (HSK 5). Audio for all words is available at the tap of a button.

This app supports both simplified (mainland China) and traditional (Hong Kong, Taiwan) Chinese characters.

What users around the world are saying:

** United States - Awesome Design. Forgot I was learning. This is a very appealing app. I feel like I'm playing a cute phone game as I improve my 汉语。

** United States - Wonderful. This is a great app. Learning Chinese characters is fun and easy. Always look forward to playing and trying to reach my next Chinese level.

** Thailand - Another five star app worth the download! I am absolutely enjoying this thank you so much for creating this game! I get to learn Chinese as well as have a fun time doing so. Brilliant and fully deserving of five stars. I truly love this app!

** Portugal - Great way to test and train your Chinese.

** Kenya - I strongly recommend HSK Hero. It has greatly helped improve my vocabulary, as well as helped me learn characters.

** China - Very effective and efficient way of learning Chinese Characters. Really helps to identify characters for reading and gives a good grounding for development of writing skills.

** Australia - Wonderful tool to practice your character recognition.

** India - Fab! A fun way to learn characters .. It can’t get easier than this! Love it!

** United Kingdom - Really good app to practice those characters you're unsure of! Keep playing everyday and you're sure to perfect your learning!

** United States - This app is an excellent bridge between learning the spoken language and learning the meanings of the words by focusing on just RECOGNIZING the words.
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