[Google Playstore] Matrix - Digital Rain HD Live Wallpaper + 4 weitere

[Google Playstore] Matrix - Digital Rain HD Live Wallpaper + 4 weitere

eingestellt am 22. Dez 2017
Es gibt gerade das Matrix - Digital Rain HD Live Wallpaper + 4 weitere kostenlos. Ersparnis zwischen 0,79€ und 1,59€.


Matrix - Digital Rain HD Live Wallpaper

Let it rain - digitally on your mobile like matrix. Make your home

screen more attractive with this live wallpaper. It does not consume

much battery or CPU
Digital Matrix Rain Live wallpaper features -
- Color theme - use same darker tone color in background.
- Custom string - put your own string to choose character from.
- Various fonts - change font- but adjust the speed and size.
- Capitalize string input with one toggle.
- Dynamic size - change size of the characters that suits you
- Random color
- Speed control - control the falling speed.
- Customisable background color chooser.
- No advertisement and No in app purchase.
- and many more coming.
- Leave your comment or suggestions I will get back to you.

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- Most of the issue related in animation can be solved 'Lock'/'Unlock' the device.
- No task happens when screen is off (no need to worry about battery)
- Try to change the animation speed if you change the font size.
- Try ( \ | / ) * type symbols in text input - probably you will like that


Random Circles Live Wallpaper - Parallax 3D

Want to make your Android wallpaper most attractive? Apply this 3D

parallax random circle live wallpaper. Move your device to for parallax

effect viewing.
Unique features -
- Lot of themes to choose from.
- Pitch Black background with colourful random circles(Cool for amoled screens ).
- Configurable parallax effect (from very slow to very fast)
- Random circles radius change option.
- less CPU and battery consumption.
- No advertisement no in app purchase.
- Leave your valuable comments for improvement, suggestions for new features, and rating for supporting my efforts.


Fractal Tree Live Wallpaper -Customisable & Unique

Don’t worry if you don’t like geometry - You will fall in love with geometry once again !!!

geometry is a new vocabulary to read the book of nature. Fractal tree

is defined recursively by symmetric binary branching.
Now see the

beautiful mathematics as live wallpaper - fractal tree optimised(default

setting) not to use much processing power - but given a lot of settings

(pro version) to play with tons of options -
>If you are lost in setting - just press reset (yeah there are lot of options)
>Change color of the tree - single color (with gradient - material color array ), bi color (each node if of different color)
>Tree leaf fraction variation - gives you all different type of trees.
>Tree leaf angles can be altered. Try different angle in different side for fun.

color - use from predefined theme or choose your favourite color. Use

linear gradient. All colors in backgrounds are darker to get pleasant

>Cool animation -(does not take extra processing )
>Random tree each time you unlock your phone
>End branch - dynamic leaf type or flower type

Tip 1: Use different side length for different kind of a fractal tree.
Tip 2: Use different angle in left and right - see what you get.

3: Avoid use max no of iteration i..e 9. Use upto 8 iteration. I you

are confident about the phone's processing power then use 9 :-)
Tip 4: Same color band - darken colors in each iteration - looks cool
Tip 5: Don't use flower less processing. Iteration 9 + use flower should be avoided.
Tip 6: Use the Facebook page for feature request.


can actually make lots of lots of variation of tree by changing each

setting. Added advantage - no need to water the tree - it grows without

water :-)


Digital Clock Live Wallpaper - Unique & Minimal

Simple , minimalistic digital clock live wallpaper. It's unique ,

minimalistic wallpaper and with parallax effect(uses phone's gyro

sensor) with less battery and CPU

- Date and time row
- Numerous format for date and time
- Parallax intensity variation
- lots of lots of colors
- beautiful elegant fonts
- controllable animation
- font size
- and more - reveal now :-)
IMP: If the animation stops (can happen only on setting) - just lock your phone and then unlock.


Gradient Live - Minimalistic, Animating, Elegant


Gradient Live will make your phone's appearance more elegant, simple.

Lot of colors to choose from. Minimalistic textures has been provided to

enhance the wallpaper.
Most importantly - it takes very less battery or no battery & negligible power.

Features -
> Animation of gradient.
>Speed control.
>gradient from same color(app will automatically do for you)
>custom color chooser
>four types of background pattern is given for making this wallpaper unique.

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