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[Google Playstore] Memory Match Fruits & Vegetables

eingestellt am 6. Mai 2020

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Memory - Fruits & Vegetables is a simple and delightful game with cards for children aged 3-6. Initially, all cards are turned face down. Tap on a card to turn it over, and memorize it. Then tap on another card to find its match (i.e. the same picture). If you find the matching card, both cards disappear. Otherwise, both cards flip over and you get another try.

The game is designed to combine entertainment and learning. It develops kids' visual memory and improves their general problem-solving skills. The levels match preschoolers' skills and the "peeking" feature helps confidence-building.

Additional benefits: The menu is simple so that the children can play without any parental help. The game is suitable for children of any age and linguistic ability.

• Colorful illustrations and characters
• Fun music and sound effects
• Simple and easy interface
• Safe for kids (parental gate)
• Different levels of difficulty
• High replay value
• Available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish

• Does not contain advertising of any kind
• Does not contain external links
• Does not contain links to social networks
• Does not contain in-app purchases
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