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[Google Playstore] Milky Launcher Pro Beautiful, Clean, Fresh
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[Google Playstore] Milky Launcher Pro Beautiful, Clean, Fresh

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[Google Playstore] Milky Launcher Pro Beautiful, Clean, Fresh
eingestellt am 6. Mär 2021

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Der "Milky Launcher Pro ? Beautiful, Clean, Fresh" ist derzeit kostenlos. Der reguläre Preis liegt bei 1,99€. Mit über 10K Downloads liegt die durchschnittliche Bewertung bei 4,2. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App Käufe vorhanden.

? Advantages of the Pro version:

✦ No ads.
✦ New Features Released on Pro Version: New Themes, Hide app name, Fonts and Allow two line labels and more.
✦ More stable and faster.
✦ Smaller application size.

? Support:

? Milky Pro Features:

? Smart Notification dots
✦ Milky Pro will show you which applications have active notifications without having to download an external plugin. This makes the function more stable and reliable.

? New look of the phone
✦ More than 15 themes.
✦ Choose your font.
✦ Personalize applications with a custom icon pack and use responsive icons to make their appearance consistent.
✦ Search widget, use any application that has a search (Spotify, Yandex, Google, etc.)
✦ Resize and mesh icons.

? Feed Overlay
✦ Swipe right to open a news feed selected in the settings.

? Smart Unread
✦ The widget on the first page will show the most important notification on your phone.

? Helpful Tips:

App settings are not applied? There are unknown errors?
✦ Go to launcher setting, search "smart fix" and click "restart Milky launcher"

Is Milky Pro compatible with my device?
✦ Yes, probably! Milky Launcher supports any device running Android 5.0 or later with support for third-party launchers.

? Note:
✦ To use all the features of Milky Pro, set it as your default desktop.
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