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[Google Playstore] PDF Editor Pro - Create PDF, Edit PDF & Sign PDF
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[Google Playstore] PDF Editor Pro - Create PDF, Edit PDF & Sign PDF

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[Google Playstore] PDF Editor Pro - Create PDF, Edit PDF & Sign PDF
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PDF is a universal document management solution for your Android device. Use the app to edit PDF docs on a smartphone or tablet. Redact, fill out and sign documents electronically, sort them in folders, and share them with anybody in the most efficient way possible.

PDF Converter & PDF Editor is very comprehensive tool to perform various operation on pdf files.

PDF viewer on Android helps you to work in the office can read documents or read documents when downloaded. Document zoom support, bookmarking, adding annotations, and screen display options. Help you get the best experience when reading pdf files with the pdf app for android, viewing pdf files.

This is a document editor that allows you to edit PDF. It is also a PDF Reader to read PDF. Choose the PDF to edit and modify your PDF in a thousand ways: draw, write on PDF, paint, password, PDF reader, bookmarks, notes, signatures and much more thanks to the best free PDF editor for smartphones.

If you are looking for a simple and effective document reader application to support your work and study, Pdf is a perfect application. More than just an ordinary app for you to take notes, convenient notes, and easy to memorize.

✦ Key Features of PDF :✦

❄ Fill PDF forms: Quickly fill out PDF forms and share them in a matter of seconds.
❄ Add page numbers to PDF: Customize your PDF files. Choose the position, typography, and size of your page numbers.

❄ Rearrange PDF Pages: Rearrange the pages of PDF by changing an order of pages by drag & drop on long press.

❄ Watermark PDF: Choose an image or a text and add it to your PDF document. Select position, transparency or typography for the best result.

❄ Add Password: Encrypt your file by adding password protection

❄ Split PDF: Split PDF pages or extract pages to multiple PDF documents with high quality

❄ Delete Pages: Remove selected pages from the document

❄ Compress PDF: Choose and control the desirable size of your files using our PDF compressor tool. Reduce the size of your files while keeping their high-quality format.

❄ Delete/Rename: You can easily rename, delete files, and view details of your PDF files with simple operations.

❄ View mode: Horizontal / Vertical scrolling mode. With 2 reading modes, Pdf Reader- Pdf Viewer provides the most complete experience.

❄ Export to JPEG: A picture tells a thousand words. Use the free JPEG converter to quickly turn a PDF into an image file.

❄ Rotate Pages: Rotate selected pages of a file

❄ PDF converter: Convert office documents to PDF files. Turn your PDF files into editable office formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

❄ PDF merge: Combine pdf documents into a single one.

❄ Scan to PDF: Work with scanned documents on-the-go. Turn any scanned text or image into an editable PDF file with high accuracy.

❄ Extract images from PDF: Extract images from your PDF document with high quality. Convert your own images to single or multiple PDF files.

❄ Rotate PDF: Rotate specific PDF pages and adjust their fit within your document.

❄ PDF Reader: View, edit, and modify PDF files stored in the cloud or on your device whenever you need it.

❄ Unlock PDF: Upload a protected PDF and remove the password using our unlock PDF app tool.

❄ Share PDF: Connect to your Google Drive and/or Dropbox account to select and/or share PDF files from the cloud.
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