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[Google Playstore] Quick Arc Launcher ( Smart One Swipe Launcher )
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[Google Playstore] Quick Arc Launcher ( Smart One Swipe Launcher )

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[Google Playstore] Quick Arc Launcher ( Smart One Swipe Launcher )
eingestellt am 6. Nov 2020

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Derzeit ist der alternative Launcher "Quick Arc Launcher ( Smart One Swipe Launcher )" kostenlos. Der reguläre Preis liegt bei 3,19€. Mit über 10K Donloads liegt die durchschnittliche Bewertung bei 4,1. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App-Käufe vorhanden.

This application is not compatible with Android 10 or later.
If you are using android 10 or later, please use [Quick Arc Launcher 2].(English/Русский язык/Español)

Trial Version:

✓ A sub-launcher allowing apps and shortcuts instantly launched by one swipe(slide)
✓ Launcher is displayed in a fan shape fit for your thumb and good for one hand holders
✓ Settings like diameter of fan, width of fan, transparency of background can be adjusted in detail
✓ By using the page feed function, apps can be launched quickly even when many are registered
✓ Light and simple


is recommended for people who handles smartphones by one hand such as

business men who will switch through many apps and housewives which have

one hand full very often.

● For those who use Android 6.0
Please allow this application from [Settings] - [Apps] - [Settings] button - [Draw over other apps].
(The wording of the menu may be different depending on the smartphone)

●Please be sure to read it : SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT for Quick Arc Launcher

●Permission about CALL_PHONE
This app owns only permission to make a direct call by the shortcut.
This application does not have access permission to read call logs and contacts.
(There is no permission of READ_CALL_LOG, READ_CONTACTS permission)

2015/12/08 Weekly ASCII AndroidPLUS

2015/08/06 Mobile WATCH

2015/03/15 Okutoba

[Main functions and setting]
"Start area setting"
"Radius setting"
"Fan area setting"
"Size and position of icon"
"Set background as semi-transparent"
”Page Feed Function” : Please refer below for instruction for usage.
1. Press “Page Feed” button in the “Edit List” and enter in the delimited part of page feed.
2. Page can be turned by swiping to the “Page Feed Icon” on the launcher.

[Please read before purchase of the product version]
Please check behavior with “Trial Version” before purchasing the product version.
Please uninstall the “Trial Version” if installed. The app list of “Trial Version” will not be transferred.

When giving permissions of other applications, an overlay warning is issued and you can not give permission
You need to temporarily turn off this application before giving permission for other applications.
(This is an Android OS specification to prevent a malicious overlay application from automatically granting permission)

How to hide “Quick Arc Launcher” from “Notification” and “Status bar”?
Open Android OS “Setting”. Select “Quick Arc Launcher” and find app’s information. Set the Notification turned off.

The settings are not reflected and the display of the fan becomes unstable
Reinstall the application. Or, please reset in safe mode.

[For those who use smartphones made by Xiaomi]

this application does not work, display the settings of this

application from Android settings and turn on "Display popup window

while running in background".
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