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[Google Playstore] Small Living World UNLOCKED
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[Google Playstore] Small Living World UNLOCKED

KOSTENLOS4,09€Google Play Store Angebote
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[Google Playstore] Small Living World UNLOCKED
eingestellt am 27. Aug 2020

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Exactly as the standard Small Living World game, but with everything UNLOCKED.
In addition, it includes an exclusive SANDBOX mode.
No ads or in-game purchases. One time buy.

All future updates and new features will be included.

Small Living World is a fully simulated ecosystem running in your hands.
No stress, no pressure, you drive the development at your rhythm.
You start with an almost desert world that you bring to a lushful forest landscape.
Everything is under your control, from the landscape shape to the plants and animals that live there. Deploy the full power of the terraforming tools.
The world evolves on his own, slowly developing into a mystical forest.
As the creator, your role is to build a suitable environment for each species that you introduce.
To live happily, all animals must find enough food. Be cautious, each have their own regime, and some are even vicious predator.
The water cycle is fully simulated, from the lacs, to the clouds and returning to the land.
24 plants and 16 animals species are waiting to populate your world.
Up to 6 worlds can be created simultaneously.
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Vielen dank
Danke! Das wollte ich eh Mal ausprobieren.
Wieder was für die Shame of Pile.
77727.08.2020 19:21

Wieder was für die Shame of Pile.

Den Satz kannst gleich mitnehmen.
Bearbeitet von: "hank_bundY" 27. Aug
wow das war echt "app of the day bei myappfree"....... sehr beeindruckend....
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