[Google Playstore] Strike Team Hydra

[Google Playstore] Strike Team Hydra

eingestellt am 28. Jul
Zur Zeit gibt es das relativ neue und vielversprechend aussehende Spiel "Strike Team Hydra" gratis. Der normale Preis liegt bei 6,49€. Mit über 5K Downloads liegt die durchschnittliche Bewertung bei 4,1. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App Käufe vorhanden.

You are the commander of an elite Strike Team aboard the warship, HYDRA. Your first combat mission will have you leading your team in vicious ship-to-ship battles against the Sethari, a mysterious alien race whose soldiers are genetically bred for war.

In this tactical role playing game, you are the commanding officer of a squad of soldiers from the far future. Command each warrior and use cover, suppressive fire, advanced weapons and iron will to defeat the enemy. Always outnumbered, your soldiers will depend on your strategic brilliance to prevail.

• COVER: Use barricades and barrels as cover for your soldiers. Less conventional force fields and tachyon fields can also grant a tactical edge to those that hold them.

• SUPPRESSION: Use suppressive fire to pin enemy soldiers in place before finishing them off in close assault or with a well-placed grenade.

• ACTION POINTS: Every action, including movement, attacks and special abilities, requires action points. Spend them wisely to achieve victory.

• MORALE: Your soldiers and the enemy are affected by their courage and determination. If the battle goes well, they fight with grit and determination. If it goes badly, they will focus more on saving themselves than the mission at hand.

Play through a campaign featuring 28 intense firefights including various mission objectives and grueling boss fights. An additional 20 combat missions are available to hone your skills.
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Klasse! Danke
Wie immer Hot
Danke für die Info.
Sieht nicht schlecht aus, danke
Nicht schlecht
Hot, Danke. Aber warum hat Commander Shepard ne Supersoaker?
Sehr nettes Spiel, v.a für den Preis;) Hat mir ein paar spannende Stunden bereitet.
Von diesem Entwickler gibt es auch ähnlich Spiele im Fantasybereich, auch evtl. einen Blick wert
Ja leider vorbei
Warum geht es nicht, steht immer 6,49 Euro dort, obwohl es 0,00 Euro sein sollte
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