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[Google Playstore] Sudoku {Premium Pro}
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[Google Playstore] Sudoku {Premium Pro}

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[Google Playstore] Sudoku {Premium Pro}
eingestellt am 11. Jan 2021

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Sudoku contains 5400 puzzles categorized in 3 difficultly levels. Challenge yourself and friends that how much puzzle you can solve in what time period.

Check your worldwide rank in leaderboard based on how much puzzle you have solved and challenge yourself using different Achievements in game.

How to play:
1. Tap on cell with empty number and select appropriate solution from keyboard from 1-9 numbers
2. Easy row and column must be filled with 1-9 numbers without repeating same numbers within each row, column and current square.
3. When sudoku puzzle finish with all numbers solution without any error, puzzle solved.

- Use hints to pass through difficulty
- 3 levels difficulty Easy, medium and hard
- Get rid from mistakes through clear button
- Turn on and off time during game-play
- Use pencil to make notes
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