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[Google Playstore] The Curse Of Zigoris
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[Google Playstore] The Curse Of Zigoris

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[Google Playstore] The Curse Of Zigoris
eingestellt am 24. Mär 2021

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Original android port of the steam game The Curse Of Zigoris from BT Studios.
Enjoy full and optimized game in your smartphone.

Download free demo from Bt Studios developer page to check the gameplay

The Curse Of Zigoris is a pixel art 2D action adventure platformer with some rpg elements where you take on the role of young elf witch Eva. She is on a mission to lift the curse of a dark wizard Zigoris. Meet NPC's to learn more about the world on her adventure. Play and enjoy story rich unique game with it's unique combat.

This is not a simple run and jump game. This game contains parkour like you can climb or hang ledges and every obstacle in your way. Combat not only depends on your weapons but you can also use moves of your enemies and environment to kill other enemies. Game is fun to play with it's combat, epic boss battles, sound tracks, animations, monsters, level design with high quality graphics and an interesting unpredictable story. This game is atmospheric like snowy mountains, cursed jungles, lush forests, castle, cave, strange and amusing worlds. Game time is very long with its large 22 levels and hidden treasures with main story line. So there is also very high replay ability because your journey is long and interesting. You can build your character right from start with ability points to learn new abilities to become more power full in this unforgiving world.

Incredibly challenging challenges
A dynamic, colorful and exciting atmosphere adventure platformer in which you will find the most difficult challenges and the most sophisticated opponents. You have to not only move around locations, jump on platforms, but also use parkour. A variety of opponents will meet on your way, each of them will require a special approach, a method of destruction, and you can also use elements from the environment to destroy enemies.

-Fun and Satisfying combat with super responsive controls and unique reflection mechanics of the game.

-Use your environment and enemy moves to kill other enemies.

-Gain ability points by killing enemies and use them to learn new abilities.

-Every monster/enemy and trap is different from others and behaves different. Use them to kill other enemies in different ways.

-Explore the atmospheric pixel art world.

-Collect coins and use them to upgrade your weapon and purchase in game items.

-Fight with cute but dangerous monsters.

-Use your magical sword or magic attack to kill enemies.
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