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[Google Playstore] TinyProxy - Webproxy & Adblock (Paid version)
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[Google Playstore] TinyProxy - Webproxy & Adblock (Paid version)

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[Google Playstore] TinyProxy - Webproxy & Adblock (Paid version)
eingestellt am 24. Jan 2021

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Die neue App "TinyProxy - Webproxy & Adblock (Paid version)" ist zum Start kostenlos. Der reguläre Preis liegt bei 2,49€. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App-Käufe vorhanden

Quickly and easily browse websites from a different location, perfect to check if a website is down for you, blocked on your network, blocking you, or experiencing issues. This is the pro version that doesn't include ads, and also has the ability to block ads on the webpage you are browsing.

Note: This is the paid version, you can find the free version here play.google.com/sto…oxy

TinyProxy's primary use-case is to access websites which is blocked on your network. While it does provide an addition layer of privacy and security, that is not it's indented purpose, I do not recommend the use of this app for any sensitive information that requires secure use. If you log into any accounts through TinyProxy you are agreeing to this and the fact that I take no responsibility for any potential repercussions. Please browse safely and take care!
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