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[Google Playstore] Up and Down: Gems

[Google Playstore] Up and Down: Gems

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[Google Playstore] Up and Down: Gems
eingestellt am 4. Nov 2020
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I greet you, a wanderer!
Use a mysterious device in the abandoned dungeon for getting treasures.
Press “Up” and “Down” push-buttons for moving along the lines. Collect all gems to complete the level.
Collect all jewels of the same color before getting gems of different colors. It’s the only way you can score necessary points and complete the level. You can start with any type of jewels.
You can only do a few steps up or down to the inevitable movement to the side. Count on the steps to avoid falling into the trap.
Go into a teleporter from a secure side. There can be a trap near teleporter’s gate.
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