[Google Playstore] Walking Dead Mad Horde:Endless TD Zombie Shooter

[Google Playstore] Walking Dead Mad Horde:Endless TD Zombie Shooter

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[Google Playstore] Walking Dead Mad Horde:Endless TD Zombie Shooter
eingestellt am 21. Feb 2021
Der neue Top Down Shooter "Walking Dead Mad Horde:Endless TD Zombie Shooter" ist zur Zeit kostenlos. Der reguläre Preis liegt bei 0,50€. Die durchschnittliche Bewertung liegt bei 4,3. Es sind weder Werbung noch In-App Käufe vorhanden.

Survive Huge waves of dead attacking zombies. Defense against Huge Endless Horde of Mad Zombies in an Apocalypse World.

you are the only survivor. you are alone among the Zombieland. Get ready and take action for slaying walking deads.

Apocalypse is here! pack your bag and load that gun for smashing the Walking Dead Empty Brains!

The Mad Zombies will never stop chasing you. Keep your defense up and shoot zombies in one of the exciting offline zombie shooting games "Walking Dead Horde: Top-Down Endless Zombie Shooter".

Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse with offline shooting games. If you don't want to be dead, try your best in aiming in the top-down shooter zombie games.

***Top Down Zombie Shooter***
just like screenshots, the gameplay is topdown style so you can shoot 'em up. shoot the Dead Target in your way of defenses.

***Apocalypse Zombie Shooting Game***
kill zombies in one of the best apocalypse zombie shooter games

***All Guns Are Free (No IAP, No ADS)***
There are no ADS and IAP. all guns and items are free and you can collect them.


•Top-Down Shooter Style
•Apocalyptic vibes
•No IAP NO ADS All items are free
•Popular and powerful guns and items
•Powerful Perks
•Different and stylized levels
•Easy play and Smooth control
•Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

The apocalypse is here, so take part in this heart-stopping game and become a professional zombie commando fighting the undead!
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