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Gratis VST Puncher 2 Compressor by W.A Production und Ravage Lite Distortion by SoundSpot
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Gratis VST Puncher 2 Compressor by W.A Production und Ravage Lite Distortion by SoundSpot

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Gratis VST Puncher 2 Compressor by W.A Production und Ravage Lite Distortion by SoundSpot
eingestellt am 20. Jun 2021

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Ein Schnäppchen für Musiker:
Mit "Teilnahme" an der Global Producer Challenge (durch Angabe einer e-Mail Adresse) erhältst Du als Teilnehmer gratis die beiden VST Plugins für deine Digital Audio Workstation (DAW - wie Ableton Live etc.):
Puncher 2 Compressor by W.A Production
Ravage LiteDistortion by SoundSpot
Groovemate ONE Virtual Instrument by UJAM

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Ravage Lite Distortion: Your Price (Inc VAT) €48.59
Groovemate ONE: Your Price (Inc VAT) €18.84

Puncher 2 Compressor by W.A Production

Intense Power. Perfect Punch.
Puncher 2 is a Multi-FX plug-in that will add instant power and punch to your tracks.

In terms of compression, this is the all in one tool you’ve been dreaming of. Packed into its compact design you will find 3 different effects. A Transient Shaper, Multiband Compressor and Parallel Compressor. It allows you to combine the power of these 3 amazing tools to create a brand new, unique and powerful sound. Puncher 2 not only allows you to to control the amount of the applied effect, but it also allows you to control the effect itself. Offering advanced options for each effect you can fine-tune every aspect as much as you like. Inside Puncher 2 you will also find 48 configured presets made for various genres and instruments.

Puncher 2 is designed to give you absolute tonal control of transient energy so that you can customize and shape those sounds.

Rather than have 3 separate units, Puncher 2 has the 3 elements you need to give your mix that clear extra punch, all in one compact plugin.

Ravage LiteDistortion by SoundSpot

When you’re striving to get that big & full sound like you hear on commercial releases, often the key ingredient in the mix is distortion.

Distortion adds additional harmonics to a signal, which increases the perceived volume. By increasing the perceived volume, you are able to reduce the peak levels in your mix which translates into more headroom for better masters.

Ravage Lite is a scaled-back version of our forthcoming Ravage Creative Distortion plugin, which is perfect for when you just need a touch of extra warmth and sparkle in a highly CPU friendly way.

The Ravage Lite has just one flavour of distortion which is a combination of the 6 distortion styles found in its big brother. The Ravage Lite also includes up to 16x oversampling.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Designed to work flawlessly with touch controllers such as the Raven by Slate Media
  • Lightweight system for low CPU load
  • Up to 16X oversampling
  • Retina Ready GUI

Groovemate ist nun offenbar leider nicht mehr gratis verfügbar.

Groovemate ONE Virtual Instrument by UJAM
Groovy Percussion for Popular Styles
Make your tracks move and shake with guaranteed feel

The Missing Ingredient

You’ve cooked up your track, you’ve got bass and drums, melodies and chords and yet there’s something missing. Why does it still lack taste? Percussion! Think of salt as a spice – working dutifully in the background, a little bitter when consumed in masses. But no dish will come to full expression of flavours without it. The same goes for pop songs and percussion.

  • 30 Styles – Combi Style and Solo Styles
  • 4 Sounds (Shaker, Claps, Tambourine, One-Shot shaker)
  • 9 Mix & 4 Ambience Presets
  • MIDI Drag and Drop
ONE… ,2, 3, 4

Groovemate ONE quickly and easily spices up your tracks with that important feel. Just select one of the ready-made phrases and adjust them to your needs. Or play the contained instruments yourself, directly via MIDI input: Claps, Tambourine, Regular Shaker, One-Shot Shaker.

Weiterhin sind befristete kostenlose Probeabos für Musiker-Dienste und Software im Rahmen des Wettbewerbs möglich - wer's braucht, für mich ist da nichts dabei.

Have fun!
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