Gun Monkeys [Steam] für 3.15€ @ GMG

Gun Monkeys [Steam] für 3.15€ @ GMG

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GUN MONKEYS is a Procedurally–Generated, Physics-based, Online Deathmatch platform game from multi award-winning indie dev Size Five Games.

In GUN MONKEYS, you'll take charge of a modern-day power company. In the distant future, a catastrophic experiment into Perpetual Energy obliterates all human life, leaving the world choc-full of free-for-the-taking energy, but unpleasantly lacking in people to take advantage of it. Your job as CEO is to send a legion of pleasingly-expendable monkeys forwards in time to collect Power Cubes and return them to present-day, all from the comfort of your PC.
Key Features:

Monkeys! In the future! Future Monkeys!
"Always Online" 1-on-1 Deathmatch action (offline local play mode also available)
Procedurally Generated levels means you'll never play the same map twice!
Tailor your squad to your unique playing style with a host of interesting and helpful Perks!
Short, sharp, hi-octane jabs of multiplayer fun!
Challenge your friends, or make new enemies!
Loads of Achievements and Trading Cards to collect!
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Man bekommt das Spiel übrigens 2x und wenn man eine Weile keinen anderen Spieler findet bekommt man noch einen extra Key. Das ist nciht allzu unwahrscheinlich. Das Spiel ist Multiplayer only und niemand spielt es.

Darum bekommt man es ja auch 2x inkl. Chance auf extra Keys.

Cold weil nie was los

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