Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition für 24,99 € im Humble Bundle Store für (Steam)

Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition für 24,99 € im Humble Bundle Store für (Steam)

eingestellt am 10. Jun 2014
There’s never been a better time to experience everything that Hitman: Absolution has to offer.

The Elite Edition includes everything from the Professional Edition, the Sniper Challenge and all DLC available in addition to the rich package contained in the celebrated original release. Own every piece of content available for Hitman: Absolution when you pick up this ultimate, Elite Edition.

Includes the main game, Hitman: Absolution:

Hitman: Absolution follows the Original Assassin undertaking his most personal contract to date. Betrayed by the Agency and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself pursuing redemption in a corrupt and twisted world.

Includes all content from Hitman: Absolution – Professional Edition:

72-page Digital Artbook
The Making Hitman: Absolution video
Agency Gun Pack DLC including:
Upgraded silencer
Laser sights
Agency Jagd P22G: A modern top-tier pistol
Agency HX UMP: Powerful high-caliber SMG
Agency SPS 12: Brutal semi-automatic shotgun

Includes all other DLC:

Hitman: Absolution: Bartoli Custom Gun
Hitman: Absolution: Krugermeier 2-2 Gun
Hitman: Absolution: Bronson M1928 Gun
Hitman: Absolution: High Tech Disguise
Hitman: Absolution: High Roller Disguise
Hitman: Absolution: Public Enemy Disguise
Hitman: Absolution: Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Disguise
Hitman: Absolution: Deus Ex (Adam Jensen) Handgun

Includes Hitman: Sniper Challenge:

From a balcony overlooking a roof-top party, you are tasked with taking out Richard Strong, Jr., CEO of Stallion Armaments, along with his entire staff of bodyguards. Skilled players will capitalize on score multipliers, discover secret extras, unlock equipment upgrades, and marvel at the many creative ways to discretely dispose of a body while they work to fulfil their contract in the most efficient way possible.
Get ready to pull the trigger on a completely new chapter in the award-winning Hitman series. Be the ultimate assassin in the Hitman Sniper Challenge by testing your reactions, focus and skill in a stand-alone hit. Unlock weapons and upgrades that can be carried over into Hitman: Absolution and compare your scores with other players around the globe using online leaderboards.
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wieso ist das so sch*** teuer? oO

Das wird kalt werden oO




Hier allein schon 7€ günstiger und es gibt auch mehrere teils bessere Angebote, kein Bock weiterzusuchen^^

Das gabs sogar schon bei Square selber billiger o_o


Ok das ließ mir keine Ruhe

5,54€ bei Gamersgate mit russischer Proxy (Hola)...

Also rund 19€ günstiger

PS: Gamersgate normal kostet es 12,50€

Das ist ja wucher


Wieso stellt man das rein? Das ist der standard Preis im HumbleStore.

Gibt es jedes Jahr zu den summer Sales bei Amazon mit 3 anderen Games zusammen für $9,99.

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