How to Choose Headphones and Earphones: A Buyer's Guide (English Edition) Kindle Edition

How to Choose Headphones and Earphones: A Buyer's Guide (English Edition) Kindle Edition

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If you like music, don't you want your favorite records to sound as accurate and life-like as possible? Of course, you do. You want the sound to remain clear while you're at home, on the go, or in transport - everywhere. The only things that enable this - and keeps everybody around comfortable as well - are solid headphones or earphones which are connected to your music player (e.g. iPod). In this book, we'll discuss both the crucial and the secondary points that you have to consider when buying a hands-free device. It will help you understand what you need: headphones or earphones, and what type of them (e.g. open or closed headphones, earbuds, over-ears etc.), depanding on how you're going to use them.

With many technical details that headphones/earphones possess, it surely is hard to understand all of them and make a balanced decision - what is good and what is bad. This book covers most, if not every technical feature of a hands-free device, so it won't be a headache anymore, when you see things like "impedance" or "frequency" on a box of the stuff that has caught your eye, because you'll know what it's all about. You WILL know whether it suits you or not.
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