Leider ist dieser Deal mittlerweile abgelaufen
Indie Games Vinyl Sampler gratis (+Versandkosten)
902° Abgelaufen

Indie Games Vinyl Sampler gratis (+Versandkosten)

902° Abgelaufen
Indie Games Vinyl Sampler gratis (+Versandkosten)
eingestellt am 2. Aug 2021

Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich:

Hallo zusammen,

bei Blackscreen Records gibt es (wie im letzten Jahr) gerade einen Sampler mit Liedern kommender Indie Games gratis. Man muss nur die Versandkosten in Höhe von 5 Euro bezahlen. Versand aus Deutschland.

Es handelt sich um eine Vorbestellung, Versand erfolgt (voraussichtlich) im September. Letztes Jahr hat es ein paar Wochen länger als angekündigt gedauert.

Einen Vergleichspreis kann ich leider nicht finden, habe einen Fantasiewert genommen. Gerne Tipps, wie man das anders/besser machen könnte...

Hier die Beschreibung des Shops:
Remember Sounds Of Summer 2020? Our free indie game vinyl compilation has been one of the coolest projects we've worked on, so we've decided to do this every year now to celebrate not only our label's anniversary (August 05th 2015 was the day we officially started and registered Black Screen Records) but also our favourite and most anticipated indie games.

This year, we're celebrating our 6th anniversary with a big summer sale again and will give away Sounds Of Summer 2021 for free while stocks last. This year's compilation includes 14 tracks from 14 indie games and will be available on limited edition 180g black vinyl and comes in a beautiful sleeve with original artwork by Elora Pautrat (@Owakita_) and includes a 12" insert with all credits and additional art.

You can get the vinyl compilation for free (+ shipping) or "buy" it along with any other vinyl from our store during our summer sale to save on shipping.

The compilation includes 14 amazing tracks from Battle Bands, Born of Bread, Chained Echoes, Dome-King Cabbage, Guinea Pig Parkour, Holomento, Jitsu Squad, Knuckle Sandwich, Kraken Academy!!, Lunistice, Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance, Ruffy and the Riverside, Venba and We Are OFK and will be available this month only - while stocks last - so be quick and grab a copy.

Limited to one copy per customer.



01. Kraken Academy!! - Main Theme (02:03)
Music by Svyatoslav Petrov
Game by Happy Broccoli Games & Fellow Traveller

02. We Are OFK - Follow/Unfollow (03:52)
Written and Produced by Luna Shadows & Thomas Powers
Performed by OFK
Game by Team OFK

03. Battle Bands - Arcade (02:55)
Music by Fat Bard
Game by Aerie Digital

04. Jitsu Squad - Frostjaw Fortress (03:48)
Music by Sebastien Romero
Game by Tanuki Creative Studio

05. Lunistice - 0 Days Since (Precision Mode) (02:38)
Music by Keith Woods & Knasibas
Game by A Grumpy Fox & Deck13 Spotlight

06. Guinea Pig Parkour - Trapped In The Abstract (02:11)
Music by Fat Bard
Game by Jeff Mumm

07. Venba - Kural Venba (03:34)
Music by Alpha Something ft. Divya Vivek
Game by Visai Games


01. Holomento - Main Theme (Orchestral Version) (03:10)
Music by Adeel Jafree
Game by Sean Weech & Deck13 Spotlight

02. Chained Echoes - The Dancing City of Farnsport (02:29)
Music by Eddie Marianukroh
Game by Matthias Linda & Deck13 Spotlight

03. Born of Bread - Savers Guild (02:32)
Music by Robert Kilpatrick
Game by WildArts Inc.

04. Knuckle Sandwich - Mr. Apricot Himself (02:32)
Music by Beardy
Game by Andrew Brophy & SUPERHOT PRESENTS

05. Ruffy and the Riverside - Happyway Homerun (02:57)
Music by Ludwig Hanisch
Game by Zockrates Laboratories UG

06. Dome-King Cabbage - Gambit (02:45)
Music by Cobysoft Joe
Game by Cobysoft Joe

07. Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance - My First Kiss (05:04)
Music by Pat Smith
Game by Rocket Adrift


Original Artwork by Elora Pautrat (@Owakita_)
Mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio
Vinyl curated and produced by Black Screen Records

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