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[Indiegala] Old School RPG Lawless Lands Unrest kostenlos (Windows PC)

[Indiegala] Old School RPG Lawless Lands Unrest kostenlos (Windows PC)

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[Indiegala] Old School RPG Lawless Lands Unrest kostenlos (Windows PC)
eingestellt am 8. Jul 2021

zurzeit gibt es das Old School RPG Lawless Lands Unrest kostenlos bei Indiegala für Windows PC.

VGP: store.steampowered.com/app/1408290/Lawless_Lands_Unrest/


"The Devil's Harvest, 347... It began as only harrowing rumors from abroad, but a foul blight has come and infected most of the crops throughout the Sagerovian countryside. Following its arrival, a plague struck down nearly everyone in its path, leaving the survivors to clean up the mess of their fallen society... With the armies off, fighting in the war against Stothlheim, Sagerov is left scarcely defended and outlying settlements are helpless, and prime targets for callous invaders... An old and all-but-forgotten foe, hailing from the eastern steppes, the Horde has set its sights on the lonely farms and plague-weakened villages, leaving nothing but smoke, bodies, and ash, in their wake... Among those villages, Ravlova, resting in the Strastobol region, is a small and insignificant farming community, where people work from dawn till dusk, just to earn even a meager living. Two in particular are a husband and wife, Kolyask and Ridina, who're local farmers with a family, but they're also part of their village's militia. Charged with protecting their land and their neighbors, they are the last line of defense... This is their story..."


  • New Storyline - Play as Kolyask or Ridina in their quest to protect their homeland and their family from vicious invaders in a large, several hour long campaign!
  • New Side Quests - Over 30 new side stories and side objectives, all relevant to the evolving game world and storyline!
  • New Characters - Two new main characters to choose from, various new side characters, and even a handful of new companions and a Sagerovian hound!
  • New Skills - Learn some new skills and abilities to give you an edge against your foes!
  • New Equipment - Many new items and equipment like firebombs, armor such as brigandine and lamellar, and weapons to try out!
  • New Schematics - Demonstrate your ingenuity by creating your own equipment with new schematics and recipes!
  • New Artwork - New character sprite graphics, portraits, environmental art, and more!
  • New Map - Explore the Strastobol Region, set in the borderlands of Sagerov!
  • New Enemies - Fight against fierce new enemies and a new faction known as The Horde!
  • SPECIAL BONUS - As a special "thank you" for purchasing the expansion, you'll get the new firebombs added into the base game! The next time you speak to Hustan in the Pyrshen Hospital, you'll get 2 firebombs and the firebomb crafting formula added to your strongbox!

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