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[iOS Apps] Dark Mist - Karten

Geteilt von andreas.frankZG5
Mitglied seit 2018

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Geräte: iPhone, iPad, M1 Mac

Sprachen: Englisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Russisch, Tradit. Chinesisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch

iOS: apps.apple.com/de/…248


Dark Mist is a card game that combines elements of the roguelike deckbuilding genre. with monsters that appear in waves. defeat monsters, level up during mid-battle to keep yourself going.

About this game:

● Your health is equal to the number of cards in your deck. Every time you take 1 damage, the enemy takes 1 card. When you lose all your cards, the game ends.

● Monsters are swarming in! Defeat them line by line. You need to carefully determine the order of killing monsters, which will have an important impact on your later actions. A reasonable killing order will make your later battles more efficient, otherwise you may die suddenly.

● Gain experience points and level up as you defeat monsters. Adding new cards to your deck to press forward.

● Four characters. Each character has a different way of fighting.

● More than 300+ cards are available, with over 70+ props, 30+ events, 80+ different kinds of monsters and 15 bosses.

● Three game modes: standard mode, custom mode and daily challenge mode.
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  1. Avatar
    an @andreas.frankZG5 für das Einstellen eines etwas anderen, jedoch interessanten Spiels.
    Schade, dass - wie auch immer - so viele "COLD" voten.
    Ich lasse diesen Titel aus, weil mein schlechtes Englisch hierfür nicht ausreicht. 😔