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[iOS Apps] MO: Astray - side-scrolling action-puzzler derzeit 5,0*
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[iOS Apps] MO: Astray - side-scrolling action-puzzler derzeit 5,0*

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[iOS Apps] MO: Astray - side-scrolling action-puzzler derzeit 5,0*
eingestellt am 11. Sep 2021

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Geräte: iPhone, iPad
Sprachen: Englisch

A side-scrolling, action-puzzler with "Very Positive" reviews on Steam. Come adventure and explore on the soon to be released mobile version.




▶Uncover the truth hidden in the sinister shadows of this ghastly environmentAwakening inside a dark, humid, and abandoned laboratory, MO discovers that it not only has to face an extremely hostile and sinister environment, but also humans who, having been taken over by alien parasitic plants, are now stuck in an endless limbo between death and rebirth. Who caused this disaster? And on this path to solve the riddle of MO's existence, what sorts of trials and tribulations lie ahead?

▶Clear quests with intertwining puzzles using strategic battle skills360 degree gameplay that combines action and puzzle-solving. Use MO's ability to stick on surfaces to get past tricky traps, read the minds of monsters, control them like a parasite, and dash past danger as you fly through the air.

▶Exceptionally unique environmental designMO has an exquisite pixel art that is both adorable yet dark, giving the game a full-bodied sci-fi atmosphere. Besides fitting the storyline perfectly, the amazing aesthetic effects are a constant visual feast for players as they adventure onward.

▶A soundtrack that is elegant and emotionally movingThe game's theme song has been carefully crafted to express the story of MO's adventure, while the background music and sound effects for each quest fit perfectly with each environment.

▶Collaborating to create a moving masterpieceAn exceptional masterpiece, developed by Archpray Inc. and produced by Rayark Inc.

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