[iOS] Audyssey Media Player

[iOS] Audyssey Media Player

eingestellt am 24. Jul 2013
Gerade gibt es die Audyssey Media Player App statt 0,89€ für lau.
Mit ihr werden die Equalizer Einstellung perfekt an den Kopfhörer angepasst.

Ich habe sie gerade ausprobiert und bin überrascht was die App aus meinen beiden Kopfhörern (Apple Earphones & Audio Technica ATH M50) noch rausholt.

Es lohnt sich ein ausprobieren auf alle Fälle, vorausgesetzt eurer Kopfhörer ist in der App-Datenbank.

Hier die Beschreibung aus iTunes:

Expertly tailored sound from the smartest music player app in the world. The Audyssey breakthroughs used by luxury car makers, music studios and IMAX Theatres are now tailored for your headphones and available right in your hand. Designed for your local iTunes library, the Audyssey Media player applies Audyssey's professional audio technologies to optimize your music for your headphones. It's the only app that knows your specific headphones, playback device and playback volume making it the smartest music app ever created. Experience deep, rich, expansive sound simply by picking your headphones, playing your music and hearing the difference.

Pick your headphones: Individually calibrated headphone profiles are used to optimize your music. Just choose your model to get started.

Play your music: The iTunes experience you know with added personalization power. Audyssey's patented Tilt control gives you the power to precisely adjust bass and treble to your liking.

Hear the difference: Audyssey brings a decade of the most advanced audio science to your listening experience. Flip the switch and hear what you never knew you were missing.

The Audyssey Media Player will also play songs from iCloud after they are downloaded to your device. If you have older DRM files please note that Apple doesn't allow any audio processing on these files. The app will still play them, but Audyssey's technologies will be disabled.

For streaming music visit our partner Songza, a music streaming service and app that uses the same technology in the Audyssey Media Player.
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