[iOS] Battledots, a fast-paced strategy game

[iOS] Battledots, a fast-paced strategy game

eingestellt am 9. Jul 2015
*** To celebrate the release of our latest game "Road Rush Racer" Battledots will be available for free for 24 hours! ***

"I love the simple style and music, and the controls are easy enough. The gameplay itself is unique, fast-paced, and challenging, which rewards strategy and punishes those who don’t plan ahead." AppAdvice.com 4.5/5

Battledots is an intense, fast-paced strategy game where you must attack the opponent while defending your base, and everything is done with dots. There are 15 dots to choose from, and each one has its own unique abilities that will aid or hurt you in battle.

• Over 100 Levels
• Over 15 different Dots with unique abilities
• 5 powerful Bonus-Dots
• Endless-Mode with Leaderboard
• Local Multiplayer: Play against a friend on one Device!
• Cross-Platform Online-Multiplayer
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