[iOS] breeze gratis statt 1,79€

[iOS] breeze gratis statt 1,79€

eingestellt am 14. Jul 2014
breeze is a wind chime app for the iPad™, iPhone® and iPod touch®*.

Touch it, tilt it, swipe it, or simply let it be. With breeze you can recreate the organic simplicity of sounds created by wind chimes, right on your iOS device.

breeze is a recreation of the real sounds you hear from chimes moving in the wind. It has been carefully designed to provide countless hours of subtle, background ambience.

Experience breeze on your stereo at home, on your daily commute to work, or chill the wind right out, enable some rain, and listen to the relaxing sounds of breeze as you go to sleep.

breeze includes 5 different chimes; finely tuned aluminium chimes, melodic metal chimes, rustic bamboo chimes and a Tibetan bell arrangement.

breeze also allows you to choose from 5 different 'moods', which replaces the environment surrounding the chimes; enjoy your chimes against a full moon backdrop, or an early morning sun, amongst others.

And with the new 'evolve' feature, you can listen to an evolving soundscape as a backdrop to your chimes.
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