[iOS] Due - Reminders, Countdown Timers für 0,99 € (Vorher: 4,99 €)

[iOS] Due - Reminders, Countdown Timers für 0,99 € (Vorher: 4,99 €)

eingestellt am 22. Feb 2017
Die iOS-App Due - Reminders, Countdown Timers gibt es derzeit im App Store für 0,99 € statt für 4,99 €.


Due remembers all the things that you need so you don't have to.

Because it repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them, it‘s impossible to forget anything with Due.

Fast, simple and effective. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize.

What there is however are what that matters: what you'd like to be reminded about, and an alert that is set up in seconds.


◆ Apple Watch support
◆ Never miss any reminders with auto-snooze. Repeatedly* notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled (every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes)
◆ Set due dates and reschedule existing ones *fast* by tapping on any of the 12 preset and customizable times. No need to scroll through the time picker wheel. Or, use…
◆ Natural date and time parsing. Set due dates by typing or dictating them directly
◆ Reusable countdown timers. Precise to the second, perfect for making the perfect soft-boiled eggs, brewing your coffee and more. Set them up once and reuse them forever
◆ Keep track of outstanding tasks with Smart Badges
◆ Powerful recurring reminders. From the simple daily and weekly reminders to the complex every-3rd-Wednesday-of-the-month kind of reminders
◆ Time zone shifting. Receive timely reminders no matter where you are in the world
◆ iOS Reminders integration: auto import reminders created with Siri
◆ 59 great sounding alerts of varying lengths to choose from
◆ Universal app, looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad
◆ Keep reminders in sync** across your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud or Dropbox.
◆ Undo and redo. Never worry about making mistakes again
◆ No internet connection required
◆ Full VoiceOver support
◆ Full Dynamic Type support (for smaller and large text sizes)

** For iCloud syncing, Due must be launched for sync to take place. Due can sync in the background with Dropbox. Sync on Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately)
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Falls jemand einen kostenlosen interval timer sucht fürs gym etc kann ich die "gymboss" app empfehlen. Funktioniert sehr gut
Die einzige 3rd party App die ich persönlich seit mind. 5 Jahren tagtäglich nutze. Einmaliges Konzept wenn man regelm. (z.B. stündlich) an seine Aufgaben erinnert werden will (bis man diese als erledigt markiert).
Macht einen guten Eindruck - Dsnke
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