[ IOS ] inShort erstmals kostenlos statt 6,99€
[ IOS ]  inShort erstmals kostenlos statt 6,99€

[ IOS ] inShort erstmals kostenlos statt 6,99€

*** inShort is free until the end of 2016! ***

This program allows you to build diagrams of processes and monitor their execution. As a rule, tasks do not exist on their own, they are usually interrelated, and the best way to show this is to build a diagram of processes.

Almost every task in the program can be drilled down to a separate diagram, until the project is broken down into elementary operations. Having constructed a detailed scheme, you can simulate the future execution of the project, what will become the basis for the planned schedule, which can be compared with the current execution of tasks without leaving the program. You can also place some tasks in the Calendar and set reminders on them.

More formally, the program allows you to build a customized, based on the BPMN notation, PERT diagram of the project (with events and processes at nodes). Then this description of the project is used to generate a Gantt chart and track the progress of the project.

So, inShort is a powerful tool to work with projects and business processes, which can be applied not only in office but also for personal purposes. You can further explore the capabilities of the program with the detailed interactive User Guide.

Here are a few cases in which this program can help you:

You have a difficult task, you do not know where to start and how to approach it.
Try to approach it with this program and you'll find out where to start and where to move.

Or conversely, you have a lot of problems: you are literally surrounded with task managers and planners, but at the same time feel that you make no headway, like a squirrel in a cage.
Draw your goals in this program, and you'll find out, which of your tasks work for your goals and which — against them.

You suspect that business processes in your organization are not optimal and you are doing a lot of unnecessary work?
Build a scheme of processes in this program, and you'll see what's what.

Need to plan a complex project?
Draw a sketch, and you won't have to constantly make the project plan over in a project manager.

You need to organize the learning process by a mass of sources in a certain order?
Build a curriculum inShort, and you won't get lost in the new material.

It is important to understand that this program by itself does not solve problems and does not reach your goals, but it allows to see them in new ways and discover the right direction for your efforts.

Key features:
• Building the diagram of processes and resources (PERT network diagram of the project, based on BPMN notation).
• Drill down the diagram elements.
• Tracking the execution of processes.
• Advanced mode of pre-planning.
• Integration with the standard Calendar.
• Displaying the list of tasks in the form of a Gantt chart.
• Separation of physical and information flows.
• Export of diagrams into PDF files and OPML outlines.
• Ability to specify the expected time of execution, both directly and parametrically.
• Working calendars taking into account various schedules of work for implementation of tasks.
• Work resources and their assignment to tasks.

Advanced features of project management in accordance with the Theory of Constraints technique:
• finding the critical path;
• positioning of time buffers of the project;
• calculation of buffer sizes;
• calculation of late starts for feeding paths of the project;
• tracking of time indicators during project execution.

Cannot solve a problem? Draw it inShort and sort things out with it there. It's like voodoo but it works.

OS >= 7.0

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Deutsch ist auch eine tolle Sprache

wewoder1vor 9 m

Deutsch ist auch eine tolle Sprache



wewoder1vor 10 m

Deutsch ist auch eine tolle Sprache

hehe *g

Das Program ist wirklich sehr gut.

wewoder1vor 5 h, 13 m

Deutsch ist auch eine tolle Sprache

Wenn das Programm nur auf Englisch ist, dann bringt dich eine deutsche Beschreibung auch nicht weiter

Danke für die App

Link funktioniert zumindest mobil nicht.

C3Povor 51 m

Link funktioniert zumindest mobil nicht.

Aufm iPad öffnet sich der AppStore tadellos.

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Aufm iPad öffnet sich der AppStore tadellos.

Auf dem iPhone ebenso.


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Link funktioniert zumindest mobil nicht.

Kauf dir ein iPhone *g

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Kauf dir ein iPhone *g

Hab ich. Ich werde aber nur zu der URL
im Browser geleitet, und da gibt es nichts zu sehen.
Edit: ah, per Klick auf den Link in meinem Post geht die Weiterleitung zum AppStore 😊
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