iOS Loopr Live Loop Composer - Gratis

iOS Loopr Live Loop Composer - Gratis

eingestellt am 9. Aug 2017
Loopr Live zum 5-jährigen Jubiläum zum ersten Mal gratis.

Die App ist für Musiker, die Audiosequenzen live loopen möchten.
Zusätzliche Info
Kostet normalerweise 3,49€
Anforderung: iOS 9.1 und 58 MB

A few key features of this v1.2:
- integrated metronome
- 64 independent audio tracks (16 on older devices)
- 4 phrases to create song parts
- step sequencer to build and play songs (4'' devices)
- low latency audio recording and playback
- one hand, thumb optimized screen controls
- efficient MIDI pedalboard ergonomy for handsfree control
- MIDI time code out tempo synchronization for external equipment
- transparent on-the-fly session save
- easy exportation/importation of separate audio files including comprehensible text-formatted metadata
- pro-oriented ergonomy for efficient live use
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