[ IOS ] Mobile Remote for VLC - PC & Mac - inAppKäufe Premium kostenlos freischalten

[ IOS ] Mobile Remote for VLC - PC & Mac - inAppKäufe Premium kostenlos freischalten

eingestellt am 12. Jan 2017

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The simplest VLC Remote for iPhone & iPad.

VLC Remote Control App lets you control VLC Media Player and allows you to browse, play your computer files & folders

Groping in the dark for keyboard shortcuts whilst watching a movies or racing to your computer in the middle of a steamy date just to change the music track? well, you don't have to do that anymore.

Meet VLC media player’s most compatible, up-to-date and user-friendly partner—VLC Mobile Remote.
VLC Mobile Remote gives you the convenience of controlling VLC Media Player from your smartphones and tablets. No more couch-to-computer workout. If you watch movies, tv shows, videos or listen music offline on your computers, VLC Mobile Remote gives you the awesome power to control VLC Media Player wherever you're seated, whether in the kitchen or on the toilet. Hell, yeah!

Just install the app, sit back, relax and remotely control VLC Player from the couch. Works well with VLC running on both Desktops & Laptops.

Features (also advantages over other vlc remote apps)
- With this VLC Remote App, You don't need to install any software on your PC or Mac!
- A built in step by step tutorial called 'Setup Wizard' on the app makes it super easy for you to setup VLC Media Player in no time.
- 'Setup Wizard' on this VLC Remote Controller App automatically detects and connects to VLC Media Player
- Fast & responsive as home TV Remote
- Stop, Play and Pause
- Control volume, next track and previous track
- Seek control, fast forward and fast rewind
- Toggle full-screen, Repeat, Shuffle, Loop, Aspect Ratio
- DVD Controls
- Use this app as a PC remote or Mac remote to access all your media files (Free).
- Manage playlist of VLC Media Player
- Add subtitle files to currently playing video (supports .srt files only and requires VLC v2.2.0 or up).
- Save more than one favourite folders to easily access your Movies, TV series folders
- Save multiple VLC Media Players
- Search Browse & play lists
- Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
- Follows iOS's human interface design guidelines
- Swipe items to add and remove from playlist

In-App Purchase features
- Widget controls
- Browse and play YouTube videos
- Manage Subtitle, Audio Track
- Set a folder as 'Home location'
- Take Snapshot or Screenshot of the video frame
- Switch Audio output devices
- Manage playback speed, crop & Aspect ratio of video frame

All You Need
- VLC Media player on your Windows PC, OSX Mac or Linux PC
- VLC Media Player v2.0 or newer
- Common local network (LAN or WiFi) connection between your phone & desktop or laptop

Supported Operating Systems
- Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
- Also supports OSX 10.7 or above and Linux operating systems

Visit our website for more info - vlcmobileremote.com/

** Disclaimer **
This App do not support VLC for Mobile from VideoLan

OS >= 9.0
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Bleibt das auch bei Neuinstallation/neuem iPhone erhalten?
Nice App Waiting for free premium unlock on android. Thx anyway
wozu braucht man das ?
Danke und Hot!
Danke Mal schauen, wie die App so ist.
xxldealz12. Jan 2017

wozu braucht man das ?

Ist doch egal, ist doch kostenlos und kostenlos kann man "immer" gebrauchen.
HOT Danke für die Info
Seneca12. Jan 2017

Bleibt das auch bei Neuinstallation/neuem iPhone erhalten?

Railjet12. Jan 2017


Bei mir steht aber IOS......les gefälligst richtig
Keine Ahnung was das ist, aber gekauft
Leider abgelaufen
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