(iOS) Moog Model 15 Synthesizer / 14,99 € statt 29,99€

(iOS) Moog Model 15 Synthesizer / 14,99 € statt 29,99€

eingestellt am 25. Dez 2016

Klanglich sehr überzeugend, gute Tutorials: Moog Model 15 Synthesizer, bis zu vier Stimmen polyphon. 14,99€ statt 29,99€ als Aktion. Haut rein in die Tasten

64Bit-Geräte, iPad und iPhone, 202 MB, aktuelle Version von Oktober 2016, Sprache Englisch.


Itunes meint dazu:

The Moog Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and
synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Each facet of the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer has
been meticulously recreated in this application to ensure the power and
transcendent sound quality of each module remains intact. The character,
harmonic complexity and mystique of the Moog Model 15’s modules, from
the legendary Moog 921–series oscillators and 904A Low Pass Filter, to
the coveted 907 Fixed Filter Bank have been painstakingly preserved.

order to develop the most immersive and expressive modular interface
possible, the Model 15 App has been designed utilizing Apple’s new Metal
advanced graphics engine. This ensures that all zooming, panning and
modular patching throughout the application feels completely natural,
something that would have been impossible otherwise.

The Model
15 App features both monophonic and 4-voice polyphonic operation is
easily commanded via 4 seamlessly integrated controllers. Simple swipes
and taps provide instant access to a traditional Moog keyboard, 1150
ribbon controller, 8-step sequencing arpeggiator and the award-winning
Animoog keyboard with 22 built-in scales and polyphonic modulation

Also included are extended features which expand
the capabilities of the app beyond the traditional offerings of the
hardware Moog Model 15. These include total MIDI integration, assignment
for external control, use as a MIDI controller, dedicated Audio Bridge
and MIDI Bridge modules, looping recorder module with overdubbing, a
master ping-pong delay module and a new extension cabinet that includes
additional amplifiers and voltage-controlled reversible attenuators that
can be used for effects like ring-modulation.

Because the Model
15 App utilizes Apple’s Metal technology, only 64-bit devices are
supported. Compatible devices include iPhone 5s or newer, iPod touch 6
or newer, iPad Air or newer, and the iPad Pro.

The Model 15 App requires iOS version 9.3 or later to work.

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