[iOS] MoviePro kostenlos statt 4,49 €

[iOS] MoviePro kostenlos statt 4,49 €

eingestellt am 11. Aug 2014
Die iOS Universal-App MoviePro ist derzeit kostenlos im App Store zu haben. Der vorherige Preis betrug 4,49 €.

Die App bieten viele Einstellungen für Videoaufnahmen und zwei Editoren zur Nachbearbeitung von Videos in der App.

Beschreibung des Entwicklers:

Innumerable recording options including configurable presets for resolution, fps, bit rate, Bluetooth microphone support, unique features 3K recording@ 120 Mbps on iPhone 5s, Full 8MP stills on iPhone 5s while recording, etc.


• Pause/Resume,
• Real Time Zoom (high quality zoom as compared to native recorder),
• Capture Stills while recording,
• Full 8 MP resolution Stills while recording on iPhone 5s,
• Select resolution (1920x1080 to as low as 320x240), & aspect Ratio(including square 1:1 for lnstagram & anamorphic Widescreen aspect ratios like 2.75:1, 2.55:1. 2.40:1).
• Record in 3072x1728 @30fps resolution on iPhone 5s at 120 Mbps bit rate.
• Select 2592x1458 (16:9), 2560x1440 (16:9), 2550x1920 (4:3) in settings on iPhone 5s. iPad Mini Retina, iPad Air
• Frame Rate - 30p, 25p, 24p, and down to 1 Fps.
• 720p 120 fps for iPhone 5S,
• 720p 60 fps mode for iPhone 5, iPad Mini and later.
• Adjustable Video Quality (Bit rate) including high 50 Mbps and lower ones to save disk space,
• Both Portrait & Landscape mode recording,
• Uncompressed Audio Option, real time Audio Monitoring through headphones with adjustable input volume (mic gain) along with Audio Meters,
• Record Silent Movies (choose "Silent" in Audio Settings),
• External Microphone Input and set volume,
• Spy Mode: Choose image from Photo Library or simply show black screen to record secretly,
• Choose record duration, such as 5 sec for Vine and 15 sec for lnstagram
• Timer to trigger Recording.
• Share to Camera Roll Droploox, YouTube, Facebook,
• Single & Separate focus/exposure mode,
• AE, AF Auto White Balance Lock.
• Location tag. Copyright info in Video Metadata. Automatically inserts creation date in metadata.
• Video Stabilisation (iPhone 4S or later)
• Volume Shutter option in settings.
• Switch Cameras while recording with ZERO loss of Audio and perfect lip sync.
• Very high reliability

- Editing Features -

Includes two video editors. Mini Editor is an individual clip editor while the full Editor can operate on multiple clips & manage projects,

• Copy clips from Camera Roll in the library,
• Trim, Rotate, Compress, Slow/Fast motion adjust resolution & aspect ratio is Mini Editor
• Full Editor : Merge, Split, Trim, Reorder clips. insert transitions. titles, select title color & font, title position, insert logo from Photo Library, scale & position logo.
• Save compositions as Projects in Editor 2 and export them to Photo Library.
• In Full Editor Videos added from Photo Library or recorded with app are only linked and not duplicated. Please do not delete the original clips therefore
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    Schon wieder nicht mehr kostenlos:(

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