(iOS, Musik) Flux:FX play - "kreative multi-Effekt-App" kurzfristig kostenlos statt 4,99 Euro

(iOS, Musik) Flux:FX play - "kreative multi-Effekt-App" kurzfristig kostenlos statt 4,99 Euro

eingestellt am 29. Jul 2016
Das ist was für die Sound-Designer und Musiker: 31 Studio-Quality Effekte, die bis zu fünffach miteinander kombiniert werden können. 282 Presets sind dabei und ein Sequenzer auch. Kurzfristig kostenlos statt 4,99 Euro. Leider ist nur die iPhone-Version reduziert, die iPad-Version kostet nach wie vor.

Kategorie: Musik, zuletzt aktualisiert Ende 2015, Größe 133 MB, iPhone und iPod, Sprache Englisch.


'FLUX:FX play' is a creative multi-effect processor app for the iPhone and iPod that lets you ‘play’ your effects, designed in conjunction with acclaimed musician Adrian Belew. Built on the same award-winning audio platform as the master iPad app, 'FLUX:FX play' is perfect for creative musicians and sound designers to manipulate an audio signal
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ChordUp is a chord musical instrument and MIDI controller for live performance.
With more than 100 available chords you can play almost any song spontaneously without any pre-configuration.
Play easily any chord pattern: full chords, bass and chord, strumming, arpeggios, power chords, etc.
Control your favorite synthesizer or sampler though MIDI.
Go to chordup.info to get more information
• 108 available chords (9 chord types for each of the 12 notes).
• 10 embedded instruments: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Guitar, Organ, Accordion, Vibraphone, Strings, 3 synth sounds.
• 12 pads surface (for long arpeggios, bass, bass and chord patterns)
• 6 strings surface (for guitar strumming, power chords and arpeggios)
• Expression pad surface (allows to play full chord and control an expression parameter at the same time)
• Smart sustain. With the sustain enabled, when you switch chords, only the notes of the current chord that don't belong to the next chord are muted.
• Octave shifting.
• Chord locking. You can lock one chord type for a chord button.
• Buttons size adjustment on iPad.
• Virtual MIDI and Wi-Fi MIDI support.

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This app lets you create electronic music jams on your earbuds, at the house party or in sync with other apps. Easy for first time musicians, inspiring for pros. Now FREE!
“Terrific” say Create Digital Music. Click more to read how to set your speakers alight…
Featured by Apple - “Best New Apps” March 2016
The zero hassle electronic music maker just got a whole lot better…

NEW! Four fresh new Devices. Expand your sonic potential
** New Devices available as FREE In-App Purchase for 1 week only **

NEW! Inter-App Audio. Record Skram into Garageband or other IAA apps

NEW! Ableton Link. Seamlessly sync Skram to other Link enabled apps.
NEW! AudioCopy support. Copy Skram audio to other apps.
• Perform songs live, generate ideas, experiment or simply have musical fun
• Create musical patterns by experimentation alone - you can’t go wrong
• Make pounding club drums or tricky rhythms
• Create silky smooth or speaker-rattling basslines
• Carry out stunning key changes, no knowledge of music theory required
• Record your performance and share it with friends
We recommend using headphones or speakers large enough to annoy the neighbours to get the full impact of this app.
Skram is made in Berlin - the world capital of electronic music.
Requires 64-bit iPad and iOS 9.0 or higher.

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kann man damit die Musik auch lauter machen als nur über das Handy?
Also wie eine art Verstärker?


kann man damit die Musik auch lauter machen als nur über das Handy?Also wie eine art Verstärker?

Über welche App hörst du Musik?
Bei Sub kann man im Bereich EQ den Tonpegel erhöhen bis es natürlich leicht verzerrt. Deezer hat nur ein EQ - aber wenn du alle Frq gleichmäßig hochziehst - sollte es etwas lauter werden.
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