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[iOS] Ray Financial Calculato‪r‬ für kurze Zeit kostenlos im AppStore (englisch)
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[iOS] Ray Financial Calculato‪r‬ für kurze Zeit kostenlos im AppStore (englisch)

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[iOS] Ray Financial Calculato‪r‬ für kurze Zeit kostenlos im AppStore (englisch)
eingestellt am 17. Mär 2021

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Die App "Ray Financial Calculato‪r‬" ist ein kostenloser wissenschaftlicher Taschenrechner.

Simple, powerful and comprehensive financial calculator for business professionals and college students.

Ray Financial Calculator combines traditional financial calculator with modern, easy to use calculators. In addition, this app can be used as a quick reference for financial problems since each calculator has a description, formulas and examples.

Key Features:

- Calculators with Descriptions, Formulae and Examples.

- Financial Calculator with Scientific Notation

- Data Visualization

- Reports


- Time Value of Money (Future Value, Present Value, Interest Rate, Period)

- Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

- Return on Investment (Gain or Loss, Roi, Annualized Roi)

- Bond Valuation (Bond Price, Maculay Duration, Modified Duration, Convexity)

- Capital Asset Pricing Model (Capm)

- Weighted Average Cost of Capital (Wacc)

- Stock Valuation (Constant Growth, Nonconstant Growth)

- Expected Return and Standard Deviation

- Holding Period Return (Hpr)

- Black Scholes Stock Option (BSM, Call-Put for Price, Delta, Gamma, Theta, Rho)

- Tip

Financial Calculator:

- Solving Time Value of Money Equations (TVM with FV, PV, PMT, I/Y, N)

- Cash Flow Analysis (CF with NPV, IRR)

- Evaluating Math Expressions (Trig, Natural Logarithm, etc.)

- Storage and Recall of Numerical Values

- Step-by-step instructions

- Calculator History

Calculation Reports:

- Saving Reports

- Sending Reports as Email

- Analyzing and Reorganizing Reports

Contact:- Visit rayinformatics.com/pro…tor for more information.- Visit rayinformatics.com/sup…ort for support and feedback.- Let us know what you think on Twitter @financekit.
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