[iOS] Reminder: Widget+ und Agenda: Widget+ kostenlos statt 1,99€ / 0,99€

[iOS] Reminder: Widget+ und Agenda: Widget+ kostenlos statt 1,99€ / 0,99€

eingestellt am 4. Apr 2016
Zwei Apps, die die iOS Widget Funktion erweitern, aktuell kostenlos. Reminder erweitert die Erinnerungsfunktion, Agenda erweitert den Kalender-Widget um zukünftige Events.


"There are so many to-do management apps in the AppStore.

However, we think that just the ‘Reminder’ is best app forever.

It can be accessed everywhere includes web browsers.
You can also share your reminders with your family or friends.
How beautiful it is! And it's simplicity and easiness!
It is also integrated with other builtin apps gracefully.

... Oh, however, the widget for ‘Reminder’ is not so great.

This is the reason for using this app.
‘Reminder+’ allows you to configure widget for the ‘Reminder’.
You can put your reminder tasks on Today Widget with high configurability.

So, now you can use our adorable ‘Reminder’ app and cool widget for it together.

Full Features:
? Displays Reminder tasks on the Today Widget
? Configurations per each reminder group
? Priority and Due Date Filter
? Display Order Configuration
? Separated widget for Shopping List
? Apple Watch App and Glance."


Agenda: Widget+
"‘Agenda: Widget+’ shows upcoming events in iPhone calendar
not only events for today.
It makes you can think about the future of your life more often.

? Description

iOS Calendar is a great App.
However, the widget for it shows only events for today.

It may be good to people who is very busy.
However, for normal people like us live in repetitive routine,
This widget shows nothing normally.
It makes us feel we are not so busy,
and it makes us doubt about our lives.

This is the reason to use the ‘Agenda: Widget+’.
With this, you can check the upcoming events from notification center.
So, now we can pretend to busy.

? Features

? Displays upcoming events in the widget.
? Visibility settings per each calendar.
? Number of events and range filter settings.
? Displaying details of event can be customized."
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