(iOS) Train Conductor, gratis statt 2,99€

(iOS) Train Conductor, gratis statt 2,99€

eingestellt am 15. Dez 2016
Control trains with a swipe of the finger and avoid disastrous collisions!
5 Million players love Train Conductor and you will too.

- “iPhone Game of the Year” - DIYGamer
- "Highly Addictive Game" - Apple
- “Best Game Audio” - Freeplay
- 30,000 five star ratings
- #1 App in more than 50 countries

THIS IS NO SIMULATION - JUST SUPER FUN! Become a Train Conductor today!

Directly control trains with your finger. Send them to their destinations by creating track connections with a quick swipe. Tap a train to stop it, tap again to get it moving. Avoid disastrous collisions, and manage the peak hour of commuter trains.

"You will love Train Conductor and it will reward you."
- diygamer.com

“A highly polished app that controls perfectly.”
- 148apps.com

"The design is simply brilliant."
- whatsoniphone.com

Play with Cute Trains, designed just for kids! Slower, easier, trains that your kids can play with for hours. Play with the happy dolphin, the cuddly koala, the grumpy snake, the sleepy platypus and the colorful rosella. Cute Trains are very forgiving with little fingers. Kids can let their imaginations run wild in this wonderful new mode!

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gab's vor ein paar Wochen schon mal gratis - trotzdem ein +

So ein langweiliges Game..

Beim letzten Mal bereits Teil 1 und 2 mitgenommen. Lustiger kleiner Lückenfüller.

Rego123vor 47 m

gab's vor ein paar Wochen schon mal gratis - trotzdem ein +

DanielDHvor 46 m

So ein langweiliges Game..

Die ersten 2 Kommentatoren haben beide recht

Ein "+" weil es für umme ist
Aber das Spiel ist total langweilig

Hmmmm...... Ich hab mir mal deine Deals angeschaut...... Hmmmm... Hmmm... Hmmmmmmm
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