[iOS Universal] Astromist - erstmals kostenlos seit 2010

[iOS Universal] Astromist - erstmals kostenlos seit 2010

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A New Generation of Astronomy Software
If you want to share your passion or rediscover the pleasure of gazing at the stars without cumbersome computers or books, then your next step is to broaden your vision with the power and vast capabilities of Astromist on your PDA.
Astromist will give you the best of Astronomy in a pocket size. You will be able to discover what will happen, as-well-as when and how you will be able to observe it, just by using some its features like:
- Detailed astronomical charts (planetarium with 2.5 millions of stars, 19000 Deep Sky Objects with their images),
- Accurate simulators for Eclipses, Planets, Comets & Asteroids, or Artificial Satellites,
- Intuitive atlases of the Moon and the planet Mars (1800 features and photos),
- Smart Wireless control for your Telescopes including Dobsonians, GPS or Cameras will be available soon.
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