[iOS] VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer - gratis statt 0,99€

[iOS] VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer - gratis statt 0,99€

eingestellt am 13. Jan 2017

im AppStore gibt es gerade die App "VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer" gratis/kostenlos.

Falls jemand gerade am Rechner sitzt und das Ganze nicht nochmal am Handy raussuchen will kann auch einfach den QR-Code verwenden (vorausgesetzt ihr habt eine QR-Code App installiert ).


VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer can be used to view and play any Document formats, any Video formats and any Music formats on your iPad and iPhone. You can use it to Read, View, Play, Download, Compress, Convert almost anything you want to any other formats.

VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer is the most capable application on your iOS device. It replaces a document viewer, pdf reader, download manager, music player, video player, RMVB player, MTK player, "read it later" and bunch of other applications as the one elegant app.

VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer can be used to view following formats, we will continue to add more formats in the future.
Document Formats: pdf, epub, xls, xlsx, htm, html, mhtm, mhtml, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, rtf, svg, txt, doc, docx, docm, xps, xml, eps, ps, swf, pcl, spl, prn, dwg, dxf, vnote, csv, php, log

Image Formats: pcx, tif, tiff, bmp, emf, wmf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif

Archive Formats: rar, zip, tgz, gz, tar, gzip,

Video Formats: mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, rmvb, rm, ra, mkv, wmv, avi, wma, flv, asf, caf, caff, 3gp, vob, m4a, m4v, wm, aiff, ogg, rm

Audio Formats: mp3, mid, wav

Just have a look at the short list of things that Documents allows you to do. It's a best free app in this market.

VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer lets you instantly scan multi-pages document and send out when there is no scanner nearby. By having it, you can scan not only documents in sight, but also whiteboards, receipts, business cards, posters, coupons, books ...etc.

It can fast auto-detect document edges from a picture, correct perspective distortion, remove shadows and brighten it up to produce a clear and sharp document, especially useful in a Low-Light environment.

VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer features,

- View Office Documents
- Read PDF Files
- Edit Text Files
- Read Books and Articles
- Play RMVB and MKV Videos
- Play almost all Video Formats

- Scan documents, photos, receipts, or just about anything
- Lightning fast and gorgeously designed for both iPhone and iPad
- Batch mode combines multiple scans into a single PDF
- Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white
- Page edges are detected automagically
- 5 levels of contrast for crisp monochrome texts
- Universal – a single app that works on iPhone and iPad too!

- View Photos from your Trip
- Watch Movies while on a plane
- Listen to Your Favorite Music

- Set App Password to protect your files
- Manage your files
- Copy Documents from Mac or PC
- Sync with Dropbox and other Services
- Share Files with Your Friends
- Transfer files by WiFi
- Sync files with iTunes

- Download Documents from the Web
- Save Web Pages to Read them Later
- Web Page to PDF Conversion
- Web Page to Image Conversion
- Photo to PDF Conversion
- Scan paper and detect corners automatically

The following functions can be purchased separately,
1. Unlock PDF to Text Converter function,
2. Unlock PDF to Image Converter function,
3. Unlock Photo to PDF Converter function,
4. Unlock Scan to PDF function (included in VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer for free),
5. Unlock Scan to Image function (included in VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer for free),
6. Unlock Web to PDF Converter function,
7. Unlock Web to Image Converter function,
8. Unlock Office to PDF Converter function,

You can use AnyFile Viewer to view the DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, RMVB, MKV, AVI, TIFF, etc. files.

Tip: For best edge detection, please place your documents in high contrast to the background, i.e. put your white paper on a dark table.

VeryPDF AnyFile Viewer is a must have app for your iPhone and iPad!


Größe 49.6 MB

Deutsch, Englisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Polnisch, Spanisch, Tradit. Chinesisch, Vereinf. Chinesisch

Erfordert iOS 6.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch

Zum Schluss, noch ein kleiner Tipp, wenn man sich die App (nur) sichern will.

App muss noch nicht mal heruntergeladen und installiert werden. Mann kann einfach den Kauf durchführen und wenn der Download anstartet sofort auf Stopp
drücken. Somit hat man sich die App gesichert und kann Sie zum geeigneten Zeitpunkt herunterladen
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Such app. VeryPDF. Wow!
Noch keine Bewertungen... aber andere Apps der Firma sehen gut aus
Danke fürs einstellen, probieren kann man es ja mal.
Gibt immer mal Anhänge die ich am IPhone so nicht öffnen kann.
Das ist doch kein Deal die App war die letzten 1,5 Jahre kostenlos cold
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