[iOS] Vizzywig 2014 - Video Editor Multi Camera nur heute kostenlos statt 29,99€

[iOS] Vizzywig 2014 - Video Editor Multi Camera nur heute kostenlos statt 29,99€

eingestellt am 22. Apr 2017
Um die Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Version zu feiern, wird die Vizzywig Version 2014 nur heute kostenlos statt für 29,99€ angeboten. Mit dieser App lässt sich in Echtzeit ein Video aufnehmen und editieren - zudem lassen sich weitere Kameras verbinden. Über alle Versionen hinweg 4,5 von 5 Sternen bei 2917 Bewertungen.

"***FREE TODAY ONLY (Reg. $29.99)***
On sale to celebrate the the NEW Vizzywig 2017 4K version (sold separately on the AppStore for $99.99). Pleaee support our development efforts by buying the new version with over 40 additional features today.

The world's first all-in-one, movie-making application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that lets you record, edit, and preview in real time! You can even connect multiple cameras.

VISIT: Vizzywig.com/sup…rt/
(For YouTube Tutorials and our Quick Start Guide PDF)

Import clips, add transitions, overlay snapshots and titles, set in/out points, split clips and set background music while you capture the event. When the event is over, simply tap DONE and your finished movie is rendered in minutes complete with a studio intro, titles, transitions and even Hollywood-style scrolling credits.


Vizzywig also lets you record and live-switch from up to 16 iOS devices at the same time using our amazing remote camera feature or create multiple-angle music videos in minutes with a single camera using our new "Create Music Video" multi-clip feature.
** Watch the demo: Vizzywig.com/demo **
• Edit while filming. Add music, credits & more
• Multi-camera recording & seamless sharing
• WINNER: Macworld "Best of Show" Award
• Import up to 30 clips or photos in one step
• Seamlessly record, edit and share your videos in minutes.
• Add transitions, preview your shots, trim clips and rearrange sequences.
• Insert intros, titles, credits, photos and music.


PLUS! Connect up to 16 iOS devices over Wi-Fi so you can view, switch camera angles, record and edit… all on the fly!

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Easy and powerful.” – Jackie Dove, Macworld.com
“A robust multi-camera video-editing suite.” – Kelly Hodgkins, TUAW
“You’ll be the next Steven Spielberg in no time!” – Zach Walton, WebProNews


• NEW: Improved facial detection lets you record alone using several cameras.
• NEW: Lock focus and exposure for better control.
• NEW: Create multi-camera clips with a single device.
• Switch between front and rear cameras while recording.
• Snap photos while recording.
• Add optional date & time stamps directly into the video.
• Control zoom, focus, and exposure functions manually or automatically.
• Supports 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360 resolutions.
• NEW: Hardware Video Stabilization
• NEW: Audio Meter
• NEW: 24p, 25p, 30p, 60p, 120p on supported devices.


• NEW: Add multiple background music tracks
• NEW: Expanded library of looping background music tracks.
• NEW: Copy audio from any recorded clip or any clip in your camera roll.
• Connect and simultaneously record from up to 8 devices linked over Wi-Fi.
• Capture the action from up to 8 unique angles.
• Receive remote camera clips at full resolution.
• Send or receive pre-recorded clips between devices.


• NEW: Insert "News Broadcast" titles over the bottom of your videos.
• Preview, trim clips and process your final movie right on the spot.
• Add fully customizable titles and scrolling credits.
• Move, duplicate, delete or load clips without exiting the main camera view.
• Enter full-featured editing mode for advanced users.
• Access songs from your own music library.
• Add a Hollywood feel with one of six professional-quality studio intros.
• Import .MOV files or clips from many popular cameras.


• NEW: Upload sessions with all edit details to DropBox or via iTunes Sharing.
• IMPROVED: Email or upload directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or CNNiReport.
• Select from 3 sharing resolutions for faster upload speeds or higher quality.


We are currently inviting select users to a free 30-day beta of the service. If you would like to be considered, please send us an email to (invite at vizzywig dot com)."
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LukasMensch22. Apr 2017

cold weil jos

Leg dich hin, Montag musst du wieder zur Schule.

Guter Deal. Gab es aber schonmal kostenlos.
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Und das fällt dir um 23.30 ein?
Bearbeitet von: "nacken2008" 22. Apr 2017
nacken200822. Apr 2017

Und das fällt dir um 23.30 ein?

Hoffen wir mal, dass es aufgrund von Zeitverschiebungen u.ä. noch eine Weile dauert, bis die App wieder etwas kostet.
cold weil jos
LukasMensch22. Apr 2017

cold weil jos

Leg dich hin, Montag musst du wieder zur Schule.

Guter Deal. Gab es aber schonmal kostenlos.
Super Tip, danke, endlich kann mein Ipone4s mit kleinerer Auflösung filmen.
Produkttester23. Apr 2017

Leg dich hin, Montag musst du wieder zur Schule. Guter Deal. Gab es aber …Leg dich hin, Montag musst du wieder zur Schule. Guter Deal. Gab es aber schonmal kostenlos.

nen scheiß muss ich
LukasMensch23. Apr 2017

nen scheiß muss ich

Doch, jetzt bist du leider aufgeflogen!
2294352223. Apr 2017

Doch, jetzt bist du leider aufgeflogen!

Um 0:57 Uhr ging es noch, danke.
1:03 ging es noch
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Um 03:11 Uhr noch für den kostenfreien Download freigegeben
Danke! Konnte es mir gerade ziehen
Und nutzen werdet ihr die App eh nicht
LukasMensch23. Apr 2017


Nur ein Fragezeichen für uns? Dein Kopf muss doch voll davon sein?!
Ist immer noch kostenlos 9:05
Was ist das für eine schrott app 😊
10:03 top!
12:16 - geht noch
18:45 geht noch hehe
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