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[itch.io] Cloud Jumpers (PC, Linux, macOS)
234° Abgelaufen

[itch.io] Cloud Jumpers (PC, Linux, macOS)

234° Abgelaufen
[itch.io] Cloud Jumpers (PC, Linux, macOS)
eingestellt am 21. Jul 2021

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Hallo zusammen
auf itch.io gibt es aktuell das Spiel Cloud Jumpers für lau und DRM-frei. Es ist ein Multiplayer-Spiel und erinnert sehr an den Titel "Fall Guys".

Cloud Jumpers is A Physics Based Online Multiplayer Party Game with up to 8 players. There are different game modes. My plan is to add more levels and game modes while the game is in development.

Catch the Star!
Overcome the obstacles and try to catch the big star first to win the level.

Slap your Friends!
In some levels you have to slap as many friends as possible into the abyss to win.

  • Funny Multiplayer Action with physics based obstacles
  • Slap your Friends to the Abyss
  • Unlockable clothes and faces
  • Free to Play
  • 6 Levels and many more in the future
  • 4 Game modes and more in the future

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