(itch.io) Game "Kabitis" kostenlos bei gleam.io als Download (PC/Mac/Linux)

(itch.io) Game "Kabitis" kostenlos bei gleam.io als Download (PC/Mac/Linux)

eingestellt am 2. Jan 2015
Nach Erledigung der Social-Media-Tasks wird direkt ein Link für den Download angezeigt.

• Steam: steamcommunity.com/sha…808

• Trailer: youtu.be/X_f…DbI

• Demo: scirra.com/arc…938

• Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Platformer

• Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

• Languages: English, Portuguese (Brazil)

• Players: Co-op

• Veröffentlicht: 03.12.2015, Aktualisiert: 01.01.2016

"A 2D platform game based on classics of success and it also brings new experiences. An evil robot named Dron, was ordered to kidnap people and make them prisoners, but a young man managed to escape Dron, his name is Aike. Kabitis noticed what had happened and decided to go running behind Dron to rescue the prisoners, and Aike decides to join Kabitis in this quest.

In this game it is possible to play up to two players, it has almost 30 stages, including bonus stages in story mode and a few other arenas that can be unlocked for a way to fight. It also features other extras that can be unlocked. During the story mode, you can collect crystals that can be used to purchase items in the store that can be accessed during the game. Kabitis and Aike also level up and become more resistant to damage as earning a certain amount of points by fighting against enemies. In the store you can also buy bees that help you with something, for example, Crissa collect crystals and Brigia hit the enemies, but watch out for her. In the store you can also buy and sell time. For example, in the game stages have a timer, which means the time required in order to open a gate, placed by Dron, that is in the end of each stage. If this time is up, the door can not be opened and you lose, however, if you need time, you can buy minutes in the shop, using the crystals you've collected and if you feel you have time to spare, you can sell seconds, is not cool it? The game has other varieties of items, like magic box, which when using it she chooses a premium of about 20, to give you, have bad prizes and good prizes. Oh, and watch out for the poisonous spikes as by touch it you get poisoned and need to take a grape juice urgently to heal. Kabitis is a game focused on fun, and bring enough challenges during the stages, and if you are having difficulty getting somewhere or want to catch something that is difficult to access, you can buy New Platforms to build them where you want."
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Wer mag, kann's auch direkt mit dem Link versuchen, der bei mir anschließend angezeigt wurde:


mal mitgenommen, danke

kein Steam Code????


kein Steam Code????

steht ja auch nirgendwo!!!!

kein Steam Code????

Da haste recht, dachte nur weils ja Steam Greenlight ist, aber naja.

Da haste recht, dachte nur weils ja Steam Greenlight ist, aber naja.

muss halt erst noch fleissig für gevotet werden

jo nur bei ich.io bekommt man nach greenlight keinen steam key also wayne ob es gevotet wird oder nicht ^^

BTW: Hier noch der Hinweis auf den aktuellen 29. Verteilungs-Thread: Dort wurden bereits über 2477 Keys verschenkt. Die Vergabe erfolgt nach Regelwerk. Die Games sind z. B. aus Humble Bundles & Co... ein Blick könnte sich lohnen!


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