[iTunes] A Noble Circle -- ruhiges 2D Story-Rätselspiel

[iTunes] A Noble Circle -- ruhiges 2D Story-Rätselspiel

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keine Lust auf rumhüpfende Charaktere, Action oder In-app Käufe? Warum dann nicht diese App ausprobieren und sich ein bisschen ihrer Atmosphäre hingeben?
(4.6*, 68mb, iOS 10.0+, Version 13.3, #57 in Musik - erster Sale seit August '18)


A noble circle's journey through Flatland, a two dimensional world (try out A Noble Circle - Prologue, it's free (>die Demoversion -- der Deal ist die Vollversion).

Inspired by the novella "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions," Edwin Abbott Abbott, 1884.

- No ads.
- No micro transactions.
- No crippled gameplay.
- No data requirements (playable without wifi).
- No elevated device permissions.
- Built with love by indie game developers.


"I have waited to write a review until now. I started way back with A Dark Room. Finding the world mysterious, frustrating, yet oddly satisfying and enlightening, I looked up who made that spectacular game, discovering Amirali Rajan (-der eingetragene Entwickler-) and his games. The ensign came next. Getting through that game was significantly more difficult and took way more time and dedication to get through. The ideas surrounding those two games are extremely unique and satisfying, the best experience and thing to come out of owning a smart phone to date. That was 4 or 5 years ago, I’m not sure. When A Noble Circle came out, I was intrigued. Completely different style, extremely difficult. I went through and beat it though, loving the story and waiting for each update. This must have been a year or two ago. Tonight, I checked back and saw a new update, with a new ending. The message is awe-inspiring, deep, life changing, motivational, introspective, and truly touching. Amirali Rajan deserves the world for what he has communicated through his games and the obvious love, passion, and effort that has been conveyed. I discovered Hope many months before, and I have grown up with it thanks to this man, finally relayed my experience. Amir, if you read this, let me know how I can help continue your passion and support you through a monetary donation because you deserve more than any money-sucking impersonal game that Supercell or any other company produces. This work is truly incredible." - bardahl12

"I wish Amirali had a larger catalogI played a dark room for the first time years ago, and It completely captured me within its silent genius. When the ensign and later a noble circle were released I played them immediately, and was warmed by their subtlety and intelligence. I am sad to say for a long time I had them deleted from my phone and had forgotten about them. Recently reminiscing on them I’ve re-downloaded them and am so happy I did. All of these games were made with great love and care, and I will never make the mistake of deleting them again." - gmimos95
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