[iTunes] Province für iPad (evtl. auch bald iPhone) für 1,99 statt 4,99

[iTunes] Province für iPad (evtl. auch bald iPhone) für 1,99 statt 4,99

eingestellt am 26. Feb 2016
Province ist bei iTunes im Angebot für 1,99 bis 4,99.
Das Angebot gilt bis inklusive morgen.

"Province iOS App Sale
As a help for pushing the end of the campaign, and for those here who are interested, we've put the Province iPad app on sale till the end of tomorrow! It's the first time the app has been on sale since the first Kickstater, so now would be a smart time to pick it up. We're hoping to add more iOS device support when we can, so even if you don't have an iPad now, it would be a good time to get it! (Sorry, we don't have an eta on an Android version right now. We know there is interest, but it's not something we can support at the moment.)"

Die angesprochene Campaign ist eine Kickstarter Kampagne zur Finanzierung der "Deluxe Edition" von Providence zu finden unter kickstarter.com/pro…xe/ falls jemand Interesse hat.

Zum Spiel:
"Two families vie for power as you settle a new provincial town. Build camps and banks, smithies and harbors and control growth as your town develops!"
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