Joining Hands Gratis beim Amazon Appstore

Joining Hands Gratis beim Amazon Appstore

Deal-Jäger 3
eingestellt am 23. Aug 2013
Bei Google Play kostet das Spiel 2,49€

A handtastic puzzle that leaves no hand behind! Full of charm, innovation and originality, but very easy to learn!

Starts off as enjoyably mellow, with the later levels offering a perky challenge for those who yearn it.


"Just open [Google Play] and download Joining Hands. You will have lots and lots of fun. Really, go, now!"

"With a simple premise of leaving no hand untouched, this game gradually increases in difficulty while never losing its undeniable charm."
- USA Today

"Joining Hands offers a new idea, and one that works really well on [...] touchscreen."

"The gameplay is virtually flawless and the concept is fresh and habit forming."
- 4.5/5

"All in all, Joining Hands is a unique puzzler that’s ideal for people who like to ponder. It’s packed with hours of content, polish and charm. I highly recommend it."

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Endlich mal wieder ein gutes Spiel über den Appshop, macht Spaß und ist recht umfangreich.


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