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Kalaban (PC) kostenlos bei IndieGala
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Kalaban (PC) kostenlos bei IndieGala

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Kalaban (PC) kostenlos bei IndieGala
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Kalaban is a horror-themed action-adventure game by Rayhouse Productions. The game focuses on storytelling and open-ended gameplay.


The year is 1995, in an alternate history version of Finland. Bob, a hermit and an American who has moved to Finland, lives in a backwater cabin by himself. One night he is attacked by a hideous dog-like mutant. Now he must find out what is going on, and discover the reason behind the outbreak.


  • Unique story and characters;
  • Top-down action;
  • Mini-sandbox;
  • Dark comedy;
  • Player choice matters;
  • Hand-crafted world;
  • Back to the 90s.

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