KeepTrack Pro kostenlos statt 1,49€ @ Amazon App Shop
KeepTrack Pro kostenlos statt 1,49€ @ Amazon App Shop
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KeepTrack Pro kostenlos statt 1,49€ @ Amazon App Shop


Im Amazon App Shop kann man sich heute eine trackingapp kostenlos ziehen.

Kunden in Google Play vergeben im Schnitt 4.5 Punkte.

Um die App installieren zu können, müsst ihr vorher den App Shop installieren.

"Track you life's data with KeepTrack! Watch the trends and achieve your goals.

Achieve your goals and deadlines with KeepTrack! KeepTrack is a utility for collecting and viewing the statistics in your life from the comfort of your mobile phone. KeepTrack is generic and does not pre define the data you are collecting so whether it is your weight, training records, pills consumption, number of coffee cups or cigarettes you had today or any other data you can come up which requires tracking - KeepTrack can collect the data and show you the statistics. KeepTrack is easy to use and understand and got many praise from users on its intuitive interface."

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sicherlich tut sie was sie soll, komfortabel und userfreundlich ist aber was anders

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