[Kindle] The CIO's Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

[Kindle] The CIO's Guide to Breakthrough Project Portfolio Performance

eingestellt am 20. Okt 2014
Nur diese Woche gibt es folgendes eBook kostenfrei über Amazonb für den Kindle:


Zielgruppe: IT-Experten und IT-Entscheider


This book is for senior executives who are on a mission to jack up the performance of their information-technology (IT) project portfolios, and who are no longer satisfied that established "best practices" are sufficient to achieve their organizations' business and mission objectives.

The authors cut through the confusion and zealotry of leading improvement approaches, and distill them down to a practical set of specific techniques you can apply for maximum benefit to your IT project portfolio.

If you seek a carefully designed set of proven, harmoniously integrated techniques engineered to deliver significantly higher performance thresholds—all presented in a concise, focused manner with executive audiences in mind—then this book is for you.
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